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Legend Series™

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Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis is proud to present the refrigerant identifier for the past, the present, and the future. Service R12, R134a, and R1234yf vehicles with one tool.

The Legend ID™ is a worldwide ready tool to meet the service needs of HFO-1234yf equipped vehicles. It is certified to the SAE J2912 standard and connects directly to SAE J2843 and J3030 AC Service machines that have an external analyzer USB port.


Refrigerants Measured: R1234yf, R134a, R12

Contaminants Measured: R22, Hydrocarbons, Unknown

Accuracy: Exceeds the requirements of SAE J2912

Refrigerant % Displayed: R1234yf, R134a, R22, R12, HC, Unknown, Air

Ambient Operating Temp Range: 10 °C to 49 °C Power: 12VDC @ 1.5 amps

Communication Protocols: USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.0

User Interface: 5” Color LCD with soft keys

Languages: ENG, SPA, FRE, GER, ITA, POR

Approvals: CE, UL, SAE J2912

Warranty: 1 yr.

  • Quickly and accurately determines refrigerant purity
  • Displays percentage purity of R1234yf, R134a, R12, R22 and Hydrocarbons
  • Displays % air in pure R1234yf & R134a
  • Capable of testing R12 with optional R12 hose accessory
  • Easily prints test results with optional printer
  • Uses standard 2.25” (57 mm) thermal paper
  • Improved oil resistance with the user replaceable oil restrictor

Ultima ID™ RI-2012yf Series

The Neutronics Ultima ID™ RI-2012yf Series Refrigerant Analyzer uses leading-edge infrared technology to provide the fastest refrigerant analysis on the market. The device is designed to accurately analyze R1234yf or R134a and can identify R1234yf, R134a, R22, HC and Air as contaminates. It even identifies dangerous illegal replacements and blends including propane and butane.


Weight: 8.0 lb.

Power requirements: 12-15VDC, Optional battery pack (Internal)

Output: Digital display and LEDs, Optional printer module (Internal)

Refrigerant : R12, R134a, R22, HC and Air

Display: 128 x 64 Pixel Graphing

Resolution: 0.1%

Operating humidity: 0-95% RH non-condensing

Operating temperature: 40°F to 130°F

Warranty: 1 yr.

Approvals:SAE J1771, CE, UL

  • Optional built–in printer for easy customer billing
  • Optional built-in rechargeable battery pack
  • Large graphic display for easy reading / operation
  • Rugged portable case
  • R12 and R134a sample hoses
  • R134a adapter fitting for ACME ported cylinders
  • 12V DC battery clips




Mini ID™ R134a
Refrigerant Identifier

Neutronics Mini ID™ R134a Refrigerant Identifier is a low cost R134a identification option. It helps you verify the presence and quality of R134a refrigerant in a vehicles air conditioning system to avoid recovering contaminated refrigerant that could damage your air conditioning service equipment.”


Weight: 2.0 lbs

Refrigerant Detected: R134a (Tetraflouroethane)

Accuracy: PASS/FAIL — 95% Pure R134a

Power Requirements: 12 VDC

Approvals: SAE J1771, UL, CE

User Interface: Membrane type with visual indicators and function key

Calibration Method: Manual pump aspirator

Storage Temperature: 14° to 120° F

Operating Temperature: 50° to 120° F

Construction Material: Moulded ABS Housing/Moulded Rubber Sleeve

  • Easy to use with ‘PASS’ or ‘FAIL’ LED indication
  • Step by step LED indications of the gas sampling process
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Rugged construction and housing
  • Hand-held and extremely portable


Mini ID R134a

Mini ID R134a

ACSD™ Sealant Detection Kit

Neutronics QuickDetect™ A/C Sealant Detection Kit quickly determines the presence of harmful sealant in a vehicle’s A/C system, helping you prevent damage to your refrigerant recovery equipment. To protect your equipment, check every system for sealant before attempting recovery or repair.


Weight: 2.0 lbs

Refrigerant Detected: R134a (Tetraflouroethane)

Sealant Type: Type II

Storage Temperature: 14° to 120° F

Operating Temperature: 200° F MAX

Pressure: 250 PSIG MAX

  • A/C coupler
  • Flow meter
  • (10) Test cartridges*
  • R134A and R12 couplers
  • Test hose
  • Syringe
  • Molded carrying case
  • Detailed instructions
  • Replacement cartridges available
  • separately in 25 piece packs –
  • Model No. ACSD-25

sealant sensing plugs

Sealant Sensing Plugs