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H1301 Halon Recycling System

The Neutronics Model H1301 is the smallest, fastest, and lowest cost complete Halon recycling machine available on the market. The H1301 is capable of extracting Halon from high-pressure vessels, purifying it to MIL-M-12218C or ISO 7201, and pumping the purified Halon into storage containers.

Model H1301 provides affordable Halon recycling to a variety of industries such as fire protection, oil refineries, military applications, industrial plants, and computer rooms.

Model H1301 is totally automated. It recovers in excess of 98% of system charged Halon. The user simply connects a vessel of contaminated Halon to the unit, and the system automatically regulates input pressure for high-pressure liquid, high-pressure gas, and low-pressure gas. It automatically vents the nitrogen from the cylinder.

Halon Recovery Efficiency: over 98%

Nitrogen Removal Efficiency: over 99%

Nitrogen Removal: Cold Vented at -60ºF (-51ºC)

Average Recovery Rate: 2-4 lb/min (0.9-1.8 kg/min)

Internal Capacity: 120 lb. (55 kg.)

Maximum Input Pressure: 1000 PSIG

Suitable for Processing: H1301, H1211, FM-200 and FE-25

-100º F Temperature Assures Purity: A cascaded refrigeration system provides cooling temperatures as low as -100ºF, to assure complete Halon liquefaction. At -60ºF (-51ºC), the nitrogen gas is vented to the atmosphere and clean Halon is pumped into storage containers ready for future use.

  • Totally automated
  • Fast operation
  • Recycles Halon to MIL-M-12218C or ISO 7201
  • Lowest cost